Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 56

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Persephone's Muddy Webcam   849

Persephone does her interpretation of a simultaneous strip and sink tease at the clay pit.

Catfight   850

Natalie and Nyxon have it out over who is sleeping with who.

Deadly Attraction  851

Stefani is a special agent searching for a special magnet that has been stolen. Unfortunately for her she is wearing a magnetic catsuit. She manages to get in partially off but the magnet pulls her under.

Its All About Trust 852

This time is Hannah and Jordana fighting over who is sleeping with who.  As it turns out, the real skunk is Fred and Natalie and Nyxon both lose.

Serendipity Trail_Karma  853

While hiking, Karma blkunders into a peat bog. She is terrified at first but things get a LOT better after a while.

Lucid Dream #2_Angelique   854

Angelique is very confused by a series of wardrobe malfunctions while working at her office, especially when her boss, Mr Fred, walks in on her and does not even notice she is topless. Eventuially she realizes she is dreaming. Then she tells off Mr Fred and heads outside to find some quicksand to play in.

Spritzer Secret Ingredients   855

Brittani runs a kiosk at a mall where she sells specially made spritzers. She has promised to show Rachelle where she finds her special ingredients, in spite of the fact that Rachelle openly says she is going to open her own kiosk in the same mall. Brittani takes Rachelle to a pit of quick clay, telling her the special ingredients are made by bacteria under the mud. Rachelle goes in to get the ingredients. Rachelle goes under and Brittani stays in business.

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