Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 6

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream2_Crystal   (Crystal Frost)  472

At the office, and with her boss in the next room, Crystal begins having serious wardrobe malfunctions. The boss even walks in on her, but oddly fails to notice. Then she reads on one of her computer screens, "Do you know you are dreaming?" and things get better from that point. She goes into the boss's office, totally topless, to tell him he is an idiot and that she is taking the afternoon off. She heads to a mudpit where the scene improves dramatically for us.

Stormy the Fearless   (Stormy Night)  475

Stormy is the prey in a sort of most dangerous game, but she seems to like the challenge.

Dog and Pony Show   (Rachelle Williams) 477

Rachelle arrives on the set of what is supposed to be a movie shoot but there is no one there except a stuffed dog and pony.

Reading Room_LiiLii   (LiiLii) 479

LiiLii is a visitor to PsychicWorld JungleLand. When she arrives at the reading room she starts to read a story and is soon IN the story. She seems to think it is asort of video game and repeatedly asks for a "re-spawn" but none occurs.

Drunk_Sara   (Sara James) 480

Sara tries to walk home after having much too much to drink at a country bar.

Prison Escape_Savannah  (Savannah Costello)   481

Savannah has escaped from a prison and we can hear the siren and dogs in the background. She might escape the guards and dogs but she won't escape the quicksand. This scene features the Studio's cork pit.

Duet Night Photo Shoot_Katie and Brittany   (Katie and Brittany)  450

Katie and Brittany have come to Studio 588 for a night time, duet photo shoot on the quicksand theme. This is the first photo shoot done in the peat pit and this scene is the video from that shoot.

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