Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 7

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Perfectly Deep Tan   (Brittany)  474

Brittany is seeking out the perfect spot to work on her tan. She finds a spot where the light is just right, although it IS a bit wet. It turns out to be very wet, and even muddier.

Katie's Muddy Webcam   (Katie)  478

Katie does a webcam routine built around a deep pit of mire.

Sinker's Apprentices  Stormy Night and Nyssa Nevers)  482

Stormy and Nyssa are new hires at Studio 588 but as grounds-keepers. They are told that if they do a good job they will may have a chance to work as actresses once they learn how everything works. Assigned to clean up pit number 17, they do so but also try on two pairs of boots they find. They even try stomping around in the pit in them. Then, after removing the boots they both manage to fall into another part of the pit. They have a good time for a while until they realize they have no idea how to get out.

Pirateland Execution_Mandy   (Mandy)  483

Mandy has been captured by a couple of crazy pirates and they intend to sink her in a pit of quickclay, since they don't have a plank, or a ship, or an ocean.

The Hunt_Kindle   (Kindle) 484

A spoof of TV hunting shows where the camera is one of the hunters and you hear the guide whisper a lot. In this case, Kindle is the prey and the object of the hunt is to drive her into the swamp. She does a pretty good impression of a deer.

Baby Oil and Mud   (Stefani Jaymes)  454

This one is as hot as it gets and maybe a few degrees hotter. Stefani oils herself down and has a wallow in a peat bog.

Drunk_LiiLii   (LiiLii)  459

LiiLii tries to walk home after having way too much to drink at a rural trouble spot.

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