Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 8

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Nature Lover (Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams) 485

Brinke tries to sunbath but is harrased by an overly zealous park ranger.

Raving Muddy (Kerri Taylor and Violetta)  486

Kerri and Violetta are lost, trying to find a rave. Then the car breaks down.

Fitness Runner (Nyssa Nevers and Stormy Night (487)

A fitness runner encounters another runner stuck in a bog and tries to help.

Mudmaster Instructions (NormaGee)   488

NormaGee has just purchased a new Mudmaster III exercise pit and tries it out. But she has not really read all of the instructions about its bubble-producing feature.

Flower Dust (Stefani Jaymes)  489

Stefani is exploring a new part of the forest when she tries to sniff the scene of an unusual flower. She is rendered unconscious by a blast of a hallucinogenic pollen.

Drunk_Hannah (Hannah Perez)  490

Hannah leaves a rural bar and grill after having way too much to drink and tries to walk home.

Car Accident (Samantha Grace)  491

Samantha wakes up, apparently, at the wheel of her car after having an encounter with a tree. She wanders off in a daze.

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