Quicksand Chronicles

Volume 9

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Voyeurcam_Angelique and Chrissy  (Angelique Kithos and Chrissy Daniels)  495

A night scene in which Anlique and Chrissy arrive at their favorite mud pit and enjoy a lengthy and very hot wallow. One of the two cameras for this scene is positioned at some distance so as to achieve a voyeur type perspective.

Bosley Turns  (Stefani Jaymes and Savannah Costello)  496

Stefani and Savannah are two "angels." They get a call from Bosley telling them to investigate a possible kidnapping and directing them to search at Wilson's Swamp. Shortly after they discover a quicksand pit, one gets partially stuck and then Bosley shows up to push the other in. It seems that Bosley has turned to the dark side.

Muddy Justice_Hannah   (Hannah Perez)   497

Hannah has a domestic problem with the deadbeat and rather intoxicated Fred. She solves the problem by killing Fred and then tries to dispose of the body in some local quicksand. Unfortunately for her the rope she uses to attach Fred's feet to an anchor get tangled around her own feet.

Sassy Sami's Night Photo Shoot  (Sassy Sami)  499

This is the video shot during an actual night time still photo shoot featuring Sassy Sami. The complete set of stills are offered separately.

Dr Boggs_NormaGee   (NormaGee) 492

NormaGee goes to a dental surgeon for a root canal but declines the anti-anxiety medicine that is supposed to prevent unusual dreams while under anesthesia.

Bent Tree Photo Shoot Disaster   (Candle Boxxx and Natalie Minx)   493

Candle is a photographer and Natalie is the model. They are doing a photo shoot using a unique bent tree as a prop. Then both are rendered unconscious by poisoned darts from a blow gun. They wake up suspended by the wrists, side by side in a pit of clay. Natalie's reaction is about what might be expected but Candle seems rather turned on. OK, extremely turned on.

Dirty Little Secrets  (Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams)   494

Brinke is working in the kitchen when the radio ives warning of an escaped and dangerous jewel thief nearby. No sooner has the announcement finished when the thief, Rachelle, is in the house. It seems the loot was hidden on the property but is no longer there. Rachelle demands to be taken to where it has been moved. It turns out to be on the far side of a quicksand pit. One of them survives.

The price for this video is $35.00 plus shipping, with the later dependent on the destination. 

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