Tales of Quicksand

Volume 33

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Tabitha's Night Photo Shoot, Starring tabitha Chase  219

Tabitha plays herself as a model who has come to Studio 588 for a night photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Paula Takes a Vacation, Starring Stefani Jaymes   245

Paula used to be a fetish model and then suffered a terrible accident. Her life wasa saved using experimental techniques that enabled her body regenerate. Unexpectedly that ability became permanent so now Paula works as a special agent taking on especially dangerous assignments and actually enjoys subjecting herself to all sorts of stuff. In this scene she goes to the Amazon jungle for vacation. After being warned that the area has dangerous bees that will attack any exposed skin she does what any self-respecting, indestructible, superheroine would do, she takes off most of her clothes. Things get better from there.

Drunk_Savannah, Starring Savannah Costello   312

Savannah does her take on what happens when one drinks way too much in a redneck bar and then tries to walk home.

Brittanybot Malfunction, Starring Brittany  313

Brittany is a very liefelike robot programmed to please her owner but she has been showing signs of a malfunction that may require a trip back to the factory. After she hears her owner talking to the factory about shipping her back, the malfunctions become quite serious.

Erotic Sink_Rachelle, Starring Rachelle Williams   314

Rachelle enjoys a very erotic time in a pit of deep clay.

Blowgun_Nyssa, Starring Nyssa Nevers   316

Nyssa is a fetish model who has gone to the jungle for a shoot. The photographer seems to have failed to show up, but the area is apparently inhabited by someone using poison-tipped blowgun darts. Nyssa is rendered unconscious and then wakes up suspended by vines in a quicksand pits.

Muddy Justice_Angelique, Starring Angelique Kithos   317

Angelique kills the no-good Fred and tries to dispose of the body in a handy, nearby pit of quicksand, but things go wrong.

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