Acting Opportunities

Every summer we conduct about a dozen video shoots and competent actresses are needed for each of those. Our style is to do everything as improv. That is, there are no scripts.

Actresses are paid, with a full day generally averaging about $500.00.

A shoot involves a very long day and requires a reasonable degree of physical fitness at times. You can expect to get very dirty, hair and all, at least five times a day, probably over two days.

Lodging and meals are provided and we eat well. We can accomodate most special dietary requirements provided we have at least a week's notice of the need to do so.

Transportation costs are not reimbursed.

Please get in touch by email for many further details if interested.

There are NO paid acting opportunities for male actors. On the very rare occasions when there is a minor role for a male character, that role is played by a member of the crew. Such roles are rare and usually extremely minor.