All crewing positions are on a volunteer basic. Food and lodging are provided but not transportation.

The duties of a crew member are to assist with all aspects of running a shoot. This includes operating camera gear, moving gear to and from sets, meal preparation and cleanup, assisting with cleaning of very muddy clothing and prop items, and anything else needing to be done. There MIGHT also be opportunities to direct a scene once the capability to do so is established.

Crew members are expected to be present for the full duration of a shoot, which is typically two full days plus the late afternoon of the day preceeding and the morning of the day following. Crew members are welcome to work more than one shoot, in which case use of the facilities is permitted on intervening days.

Crew members MUST agree to the policy that ALL video and still images taken in the course of a shoot or in conjunction with a shoot are the intellectual property of Studio 588. Crew members will be given a copy of stills taken during the shoot they assist with and permission to make use of them in certain non-commercial ways and with certain very specific restrictions.

It is NOT necessary to have experience with photographic equipment - instruction can be provided.

Crew members are expected to behave professionally at all times.

Crew members must be at least 21.

Alcohol use is permitted after hours provided it is done in a responsible manner. Absolutely no illegal drug use or possession is permitted.

Please  get in touch by email if interested. A phone call will almost certainly have to follow.