Studio 588 occupies 50 acres of mixed forest area in north, central Arkansas. Near the center of this area there are two modern building; one a large house and the other a sort of workshop. There is a gravel parking lot with space for 8 to 10 cars. Some parts of the house, including a large solarium, are available for filming and most of the workshop is similarly available. The main outdoor facilities consist of several sets, each centering on one or more pits containing various kinds of mud (sand, peat, and clay). There are also additional simple sets known as the camp site, the grave yard, and various trails. There is also a wooden deck and several gardens.

Aside from a variety of film sets, facilities include reasonable lodging for up to five people and somewhat more limited lodging for perhaps five more.

Although most producers will want to use their own equipment, a variety of mostly prosumer-grade video cameras and associated gear can be rented.

Finally, repeat users may want to take advantage of off-site but nearby storage space for large prop or wardrobe items.

Here are some exterior photos of various features. These pictures are here to give an idea of what is available for use by photographers and/or videographers.

The above is the latest addition to what is available for use on site. This is an 8 by 8 foot wooden platform mounted on the back of a trailer. The idea is the trailer can be moved around very easi;y as the sun moves. The photographer must supply their own carpet to cover the surface and their own background, if such is desired. The wooden structure at the back is perpendicular to the platform and is intended as a support for a background. It may also be removed so as to use a natural background. The trailer-platform is shown here in its storage location, which is not quite level, and the brown tarp would be removed during use. The platform is leveled in place by means of a block or jack under the opposite end or it may be attached to a vehicle. The trailer may not be driven off site.

This is an old driveway, no long in use and probably too eroded for passenger cars, but it can make an interesting background.

The pond shown above is seasonal and will be dry during the summer.

This road has very little traffic but is not totally private.

The gully.

In addition to use as a set, this deck can also be used for a post-shoot social or even a campfire.

This is a campsite set but the rock circle may not be used for an actual fire without special clearance and never during a burn ban.

The tent-like structure to the right of the boardwalk is the cover to a home made, in-ground hot tub. This is not intended for use as a set but such is not prohibited.

There are at least three "bent" trees like the above on the property. Two of these are in the photo above.