Studio 588 occupies 50 acres of mixed forest area in north, central Arkansas. Near the center of this area there are two modern building; one a large house and the other a sort of workshop. There is a gravel parking lot with space for 8 to 10 cars. Some parts of the house, including a large solarium, are available for filming and most of the workshop is similarly available. The main outdoor facilities consist of several sets, each centering on one or more pits containing various kinds of mud (sand, peat, and clay). There are also additional simple sets known as the camp site, the grave yard, and various trails. There is also a wooden deck and several gardens.

Aside from a variety of film sets, facilities include reasonable lodging for up to five people and somewhat more limited lodging for perhaps five more.

Although most producers will want to use their own equipment, a variety of mostly prosumer-grade video cameras and associated gear can be rented.

Finally, repeat users may want to take advantage of off-site but nearby storage space for large prop or wardrobe items.

Here are some exterior photos of various features. These pictures are here to give an idea of what is available for use by photographers and/or videographers.