Rentals include three meals a day and a variable schedule of snacks for up to two people. There is an extra charge for additional people.


The general menu choices are listed below. For the dinner selections you can make the decision yourself which is served each day IF you do that in advance. You can also request other things but those MIGHT involve an extra charge. There are vegetarian alternatives for most selections but those need to be requested a minimum of a week prior to arrival. You can also go somewhere else for meals but that's on your own ticket and there is no reduction in the rental fee if you do that.

Eggs (fried or scrambled), bagel, toast, cereal, coffee.

Cold cut sandwiches, sometimes soup and/or leftovers.

Chicken Parmigiana, Pasta with tomato sauce, Pork with Steamed Vegetables, Tilapia with Steamed Vegetables, Baked Potato with Ground Turkey Topping, or other inventions

Meal Timing

Unless requested otherwise, breakfast is planned for 8AM, lunch for noon, and dinner for 6PM. These can, however, easily be changed without extra charge, but please don't ask for dinner at midnight.


Depending on the season, and available things from the garden, there are often special snacks available for mid-morning or mid-afternoon. These may be offered without being requested but please make a request if you want to be sure. Things like an evening campfire can be arranged as well if you like.

One More Thing

Please understand that the facility manager is just one person. If you are asking that person to assist with things like camera operation when you are filming then there is less time for other things such as meal preparation.