Your Own Private Indoor Photo Shoot

Although the outdoor pits are closed from September 12 to May 30 - its too cold - starting in the late fall of 2017 there will be one indoor pit. Use of this pit will NOT be part of what is offered to private visitors or outside producers EXCEPT for the following:

Any private rental party may choose to do a quicksand-themed photo shoot using the indoor pit and conducted by the facility owner. One or two people may be the subjects of this shoot and the result will be a set of high resolution stills (16 or 24mB) in which the subjects are led through a series of poses by the photographer. There will be no video and no model releases and the stills will belong to the person paying the bill. The pit will be filled with a material we call Gallium Polykryptonite. There will be a jungle-themed background and set decorations and a number of props will be used such as hats, weapons, drinking glasses, and the like. The client may bring additional props.Approximately 60 to 90 minutes will be needed for the shoot itself and subsequent cleanup.

The fee for a photo shoot will be $50.00 if you are renting the Studio at the daily rate (100.00 per day from September 12 through May 30). You may also come for just a half day, in which case the photo shoot fee will be $75.00. Lodging and food are not provided in the latter case, nor may photos be taken elsewhere except for a small number of simple snapshots. Also in the latter case there may be a deadline for departure in the event the other half of the day or the evening is reserved by another party.

The subject(s) of a photo shoot may be male, female, or both, but it should be noted that the photographer's experience shooting male subjects is nil. In the case of two subjects there may be some limits to content. Note also, that a photo shoot with one person followed by a photo shoot with a second person is TWO photo shoots.