Your Own Private Video Shoot

Although our main business is structured around providing a place for commercial video production, it is quite possible for anyone (well, almost anyone) to rent the location for the purpose of shooting video for private use only. Rentals are available all year, with the prices highest during the summer but extremely reasonable September through May.

The rental rates for private shoots are the same as for any other. Please click on the link for rental rates to see what they are.

Normally, commercial producers will bring their own photogrgaphic equipment and crew. Provided things are arranged in advance, however, we do have some equipment that can be used and we can probably provide one crew person. The crewman provided will, however, be the same person who provides meals and other services, so the amount of crewing services that can be provided is limited.

Please note that the content of what can be filmed is subject to some limits. Material legally definable as pornography and other material that would be in violation of local law is not allowed. Studio management reserves the right to disallow anything, filmed or otherwise, that is deemed to be too dangerous or that involves the potential for harm to the facilities.

Please note that the pit facilities are available in the pre-season, regular season, and post season but are closed during the off season.

Aside from the pit facilities available in the summer only there are a variety of interior settings, two decks, 50 acres of forest, several trails, a greenhouse, a "campsite" set, a "graveyard" set, and a "beach" set available all year.