Reservations may be made at any time. If no deposit is made your reservation will be held until 60 days before the first day reserved UNLESS there is another request for any or all of the days requested. If that occurs you will have a reasonable time to either withdraw your reservation or to make a deposit of 50 percent of the amount for the time reserved.

There is no such thing as a partial day reservation. However, you may arrive any time after 4PM the day before your reservation and you may shoot that evening without additional payment. You may remain until noon the day after your reservation but you may not shoot on that day.

There is one important exception to the above. If you have, in the past, made a reservation and then cancelled it, the 60 day figure above will be 90 days.

Please take note of the details regarding lodging, meal choices, and dietary accomodations as these can add considerably to your bill if not followed.


Deposits are not refundable if you cancel for any reason.