Glubbl Award Nominations/Challenges


The Glubbl Award is a recognition made by Studio 588 of actresses and actors who have performed at least one full-submergence quicksand scene. The scene may have been done in a commercial movie, a video scene by a fetish producer, a television program, or any other venue that is, or once was, published in a form that could be viewed by the public. The award is not made in cases where the submergence is implied, nor for cartoon, to non-human characters, or in cases in which the performer doing the scene cannot be identified (such as an uncredited stunt performer).

When this award was first created it was actually presented in the form of a certificate to those who performed a qualifying scene at the Studio 588 location, but this practice was discontinued. The list below is intended to recognize all performers who have done a scene of this type. The list below shows simply the stage name used by the performers and is alphabetized according to the stage name in its natural order.

To Nominate for this award:

Anyone who knows of someone who qualifies for recognition here is requested to send nomination information by email to The listing itself lists only the performer's stage name. However, so that qualification can be verified, please provide the performer's stage name, plus an approximate date, and as much information as possible about the scene itself, such as the producer name, title, date of publication, IMDb reference, and so on. This information will not be published and will only be used to verify that the scene exists and qualifies. Please see the text below  for some guidelines concerning what does and does not count toward earning this award. What does and does not count toward this award?

1. Merely ducking the head under the surface in a scene for which the mud is clearly not deep enough to make a submergence credible in the sensse of what a reasonable person would call a quicksand scene does NOT count.

2. A submergence that is followed up by a re-emergence by any means DOES count, provided it is not disqualified in some other way.

3. A submergence that is implied, such as in a scene in which there is a cut between a point prior to full submergence to a point subsequent to submergence, does NOT count.


To Challenge an award listing:

It is possible that a listing might not really qualify or may be inaccurate. For example, it is possible that a scene attributed to a performer might have actually been done by a stunt performer, in which cases only the stunt performer really qualifies. If you have evidence that a listing is invalid or in need of a correction, please send what information you have by email, also to