How to Place an Order

Studio 588 offers products in several formats and by several methods of delivery. Video scenes are offered in standard definition on DVDs playable on regular DVD players, in high definition on DVD-ROM disks, and in high definition in files delivered online. The files offered on-line are identical in format to those on DVD-ROMs. Sets of still photos (jpg files) are offered in their original sizes (1900 to 4400 pixels in the longer dimension) or in reduced size (600 pixels in the longer dimension) on DVD-ROM disks or on line.

The products listed below on this page are regular DVDs, playable on a DVD player and most computers.

For samples of different available file formats, click here.

For a list of files available individually on a DVD-ROM or on-line, click on DVD-ROM or files on line, please click here  or on any link under "Stuff You Can Buy."

For a list of available photo sets, please click here.

To see scene descriptions and sample images from all available scenes, except photo sets, please click here.

You Have a Choice of Methods for Placing an Order, a Choice on Method of Delivery, and a Choice on Method of Payment

Orders may be placed by mail, email,  by instant message. or on line in conjunction with payment using Chase Quick Pay, PopMoney, Moneygram, or Western Union

Orders may be delivered by mail on a DVD or DVD-ROM, or as a downloaded file. You will need an email address and a relatively fast connection for download - files can be large. Whole DVDs cannot be delivered on-line as the file size is too large.

Payment may be by mailed check or money order, or on line using Chase Quick Pay, PopMoney, or other methods listed above. Quick Pay and PopMoney can only be used within the USA. 

To order by mail:

The mailing address is Studio 588, Box 251, Leslie, AR 72645.

1. Figure the cost of the items you want. All amounts are in US funds. See the table below. If you are using an on-line payment system and your total is less than $8.00, not including shipping, then change your total to $8.00. This is the minimum order amount we can accept. We can, however, accept smaller orders when payment is by check or money order.

2. Assuming you want your order delivered by mail, add the shipping charge, which is 5.20 for any number of disks shipped in the same package to anywhere in the USA.This is for Priority Mail. Outside the USA see the second table below and select the method you prefer. You may skip the step for shipping charges on orders over $200.00. If your order is for files only you may request delivery on line. In that case there is no delivery charge but we will need an email address for you.

3. Send your order, specifying the items wanted and enclosing the correct amount, to the address above. In your order you must state that you are of legal age to receive adult items. For DVD orders be sure to specify if you need ntsc or pal format. When ordering individual files it will be helpful to refer to files by both title and number.

To order using Chase Quick Pay or PopMoney

1. Determine what you want and the total price. Send this information to or using the window provided by Quick Pay or PopMoney

 2. Go to the Quick Pay site and use it to send the correct amoun t from your checking account to If the details of your order do not fit in the provided window, enter a reference number and then send that number along with the order info by email. You can use PopMoney either directly (for which they may charge a fee) or through many banks (which often saves you the fee).

3. Make sure to include an email address where the download links should be sent.

To Order Using electronic money orders

1. Determine what you want and the total price. Send this information to and ask for instructions on how to use the service you wish to use. Depending on your location you may, or may not, be able to fund the money order using a credit card. You are reponsible for all taxes and currency conversion. IF the total amount of your order, after all deductions for fees, exceeds $100.00 you may deduct the fee for the money order up to a maximum of $4.95.

DVDs Price Media
All DVD items are Standard Definition and will play on regular DVD players. Specify NTSC or PAL
Interview with a Quicksand Girl 12.00 DVD
Adventures in Quicksandland 1 35.00 DVD
Adventures in Quicksandland2 35.00 DVD
Thunderstorm 1 5.00 CD
Thunderstorm 2 5.00 CD
It's Quicksand! (all volumes) 35.00 each DVD
Tales of Quicksand (all volumes) 35.00 each DVD
Quicksand Chronicles (all volumes) 35.00 each DVD
 Individual still images by email only at prices shown on display page.    

Shipping Charges

Destination Amount for Priority Amount for Airmail 
USA 5.20* Not Available
Canada 11.45* 4.00
Mexico 11.45* 4.00
United Kingdom 13.45* 8.80
Australia 13.45* 8.65
Italy 13.45* 8.80
Other Please inquire  

* Preferred method