Physical Requirements

Sorry guys, but there are essentially no opportunities for male performers. Although a few male performers do appear in a few episodes that have been produced at Studio 588 or by producers who use the Studio, those individuals are generally crew members or close friends with the performers. 

Other than being female, therefore, the physical attributes needed for work as a performer in videos typically produced are highly varied. Although some producers use only, or predominantly, models of outstanding physical appearance, others are more interested in the ability to act. Some producers expect or desire performers to be willing to perform topless or nude, but others NEVER ask for this. The following may give some idea of the general requirements.

Ideal Height 4'6" to 6'6"
Ideal Hair Not bald, any color
Race/Ethnicity Irrelevant
Ideal Age 21 to 50 or so
Ideal Body Type Not Significantly Overweight
Teeth Yes
Tatoos or Piercings These may limit the kinds of scenes that can be done to the extent that appearance is incompatible with the plot.

Aside from the preferences of the producers and directors, however, anyone contemplating work of this kind must be alerted that performing a quicksand scene is hard physical work. One must have reasonably good physical fitness, both in terms of cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Perhaps the most critical physical requirement is to not be significantly overweight. The density (specific gravity) of all of the materials used to make mud or simulated quicksand is such that buoyancy is significantly enhanced above that encountered in water. An individual who is overweight will find it totally impossible to "sink" far enough to make a credible scene.