Its Quicksand (volume 2)

The second release from the 2007 shooting season, this DVD features six full scenes plus seven short, mock commercials. This release stars Taylor and features veteran star Brinke Stevens and Damien. Running time roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Featured Scenes

Damien's First Time 18

New model Damien tries out the clay for the first time. One's first time can be unpredictable but she seems to have a pretty good time.



Das Boots (episode 1) 19

 The beginning of what could be a lengthy series of stories. Taylor plays a biologist collecting data at a peat bog. Somehow her boots get stuck. The bog will just not let them go. Then she gets her feet out of the boots.... but not out of the bog. Do we have a bog with a thing for boots,.... or maybe a bog with a thing for biologists,.... or maybe a bog with a thing for biologists wearing boots.  Stay tuned on this one.



Jane Bond 20

The incomparable Brinke Stevens plays the incomparable Jane Bond, breaking into the headquarters of the evil billionairre, Major General Frederick von Chaos. When the alarm sounds she has to beat a retreat, perhaps a bit hastily.



Brinke's Daydream 21

Brinke experiences a fantasy daydream in which she wakes up about to face trial for witchcraft. She pleads not guilty and must face the terrifying prospect of a trial by quicksand. Only,.........., what's going on,......... she doesn't look so terrified.


Taylor's Photo Shoot 22

Taylor is the model in a quicksand photo shoot. After a lengthy series in front of a green screen the shoot moves to a quicksand pit.



Images from Taylor's Photo Shoot 23

Taylor's photo shoot was quite real. Here are three sequences of still images, taken by three photographers, during Taylor's Photo Shoot. Although the video described above shows the actual green screen, most of the related still images have had the screen replaced with backgrounds, some of them video backgrounds.

Mock ads - This video also includes seven mock commercials, all featuring Taylor, although no stills are included here.