Some Selected Images Taken During the 2003 Shooting Season at Studio 588

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The images below are all presented here is medium resolution. For higher quality images, please contact the producers, who offer both video and still images on DVD and CD disks at very reasonable prices. They also have a lot more images than what you will see here.


Below is a scene from Countrywide Quicksand (MudPuddle Visuals). Its included here to show that Studio 588 offers a variety of settings, not just mud pits. 



Studio 588 can also support shooting at night. Here is a night scene in the peat pit. The performer is Jenna West and the complete video appears in Countrywide Quicksand (MudPuddle Visuals).







Here is a scene, also appearing on Countrywide Quicksand (MudPuddle  Visuals), featuring Pamela Rose and Kristine. The story is called "The Rookie". The house in the background is modern and fully equipped, and can be used on a limited basis for interior shots as well as providing logistical support.


A later scene from The Rookie, taking place at the clay pit. The primary camera location is to the right of the camera used to take this picture.







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