Prices for Stills

Scene-based Still Sets Find the title you want in the stills price list. To calculate the price, first look up the number of images in the set. This is shown in the price list. Next, if you want the full-sized images (the size they were originally shot in) the price is 1 cent each. If you want the reduced-size (600 pixels in the larger dimension) the price is one-half cent each. You may drop any fractions of cents. However, take note that there is a minimum purchase or $8.00, so you may want to order several sets or combine your stills order with a video order.

Thematic Sets and Photo Shoot Sets

Prices for these are given in the stills product list. However, please take note of the minimum order size of $8.00.

Individual Images

Any image in the collection may be ordered as a full-sized image for $10.00