Thunderstorm 1 CD ($5.00)

This is a CD that has absolutely nothing to do with quicksand other than the fact it was recorded at Studio 588. Its a CD containing a 59 minute, audio recording of the sounds of a real thunderstorm. Use it as a sound effect for a halloween party or even as a relaxation tape. Even though thunderstorms can be noisy, this one is surprisingly good for use in meditation or as an aid to getting to sleep.

Thunderstorm 2 CD ($5.00)

An additional thunderstorm recording of just under an hour.

Order either or both at five dollars each, plus shipping. Priority shipping is 4.05 to anywhere in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, and 5.25 elsewhere. The shipping charge is the same whether you order one, two, or even three disks. If you like, you can order one of these in addition to the "Interview with a Quicksand Girl" DVD for a total charge of 21.05 (22.30 outside North America), or both Thunderstorm CDs along with the Interview for 26.05 (27.30 outside North America)..