Tales of Quicksand

Volume 15

Blowgun_Tabitha, Starring Tabitha Chase 162

Tabitha is hit by a poisoned blowgun dart and quickly passes out. When she wakes up, or partially wakes up, she is suspended over and in a pit of quicksand. The vine, of course, keeps stretching and she sinks deeper and deeper, all the while partially still under the effects of the poisoned dart.

Picking Blackberries, Starring Torrid 163

Torrid is having a lovely afternoon picking blackberries when she hears on the radio of an escaped and dangerous prisoner very near-by. She starts home but then panics as she hears someone following her. She gets partially disrobed by running too fast through thorny vines, and then things get worse as she blunders into quicksand.

Lucid Dream #1 - Stormy, Starring Stormy Night 164

Stormy starts having wardrobe malfunctions while driving her car on a country road. Although baffled at first she eventually figures out that she is dreaming. At that point she decides to make the best of her dream - deciding that if it is a dream and she walks fifty yards straight into the forest she will encounter a quicksand bog. She walks the fifty yards and, sure enough, there is the quicksand for her to enjoy.

Samantha's Sink Tease, Starring Samantha Grace 165

Samantha's interpretation of a sink tease.

Taylor's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Taylor 166

Taylor plays herself as a model who has ventured to Studio 588 to do a glamorous photo shoot on the theme of quicksand. This scene is the edited video of the shoot - the resulting stills are available separately on a DVD-ROM or by download only.

Muddy Justice, 1,000,000BC, Starring Taylor and Dark Dementia 168

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