Tales of Quicksand

Volume 16


Holly's Sink Tease, Starring Holly 169

Holly does her interpretation of the "Sink Tease."

NormaGee's First Time, Starring NormaGee 170

NormaGee has her first deep mud experience as a lesson in how to perform a quicksand scene, at Studio 588.


The Partyon Orchid, Starring Brinke Stevens 171

In this scene, written by Brinke herself, Brinke is a scientist looking for the rare Partyon Orchid. She finds it but is taken by surprise when it blasts out a cloud of hallucinogenic fog. We then discover, through her hallucination, why it is called the Partyon Orchid.

Blowgun_Debbie, Starring Debbie Paige 172

Debbie is exploring the jungle when she is knocked out by a poisoned blowgun dart. When she wakes up she is suspended by her wrists over, and in, a pit of quicksand.

Lucid Dream #9, Starring Mandy 173

Mandy is preparing for a hot date. Energing into her living room she suddenly feels something inside the top to her dress. Its mud. Baffled at first, she soon realizes it is a dream and decides to take advantage. She decides that if she goes out the back door into the forest she will find a quicksand pit to play in. She does, and does.

Savannah's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Savannah Costello 174

The gorgeous Savannah Costello plays herself doing a glamour photo shoot on the quicksand theme at Studio 588.


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