Tales of Quicksand

Volume 17

Six more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Mandy, Starring Mandy 176

Mandy gets very drunk and staggers around the woods until she falls into quicksand. Not even that can sober her up.

Why Cats Domesticated the Human, Starring NormaGee 177

A cave girl goes to her favorite mud pit for a wallow on a very hot day. She is observed by a cat who apparently informed all the other cats that the human would be a good species to domesticate.

A Most Dangerous Game, Starring Stefani Jaymes and Stormy Night 178

Stefani stayed overnight without asking about the rent. She is informed it will be 50 thousand dollars. Or, she wll be forced to play the prey in a hunting game. She runs off, having been given a ten minute start. Who will survive, hunted or hunter?

Rhonda Starr's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Rhonda Starr 179

Rhonda Starr is a model who has come to Studio 588 for a glamour photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Rooftop Wallow, Starring Stefani Jaymes 181

Stefani goes to her favorite mud pit, on a roof top over-looking the Hudson River in New York.

It is late!, Starring 182

Taylor and Dark Dementia finally arrive at Studio 588, as models for a quicksand shoot. They are, however, extremely late and no one is around. Foolishly they try to explore.

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