Tales of Quicksand

Volume 18

Six more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Tabitha, Starring Tabitha Chase 201

Tabitha gets very drunk, wanders around and blunders into quicksand.

Blowgun_Natalie, Starring Natalie Minx 226

Another installment of the Blowgun series.

Chief Isojalka Has Died, Starring Hannah, Sara, and Katie 200

A primitive tribe has a tradition whereby if a chief dies in an accident, then his wife must sacrifice herself in the same manner one week later or go into exile and disgrace. Chief Isojalka died by quicksand seven days ago and the tribe has gathered. A call is issued for the widow to announce herself for sacrifice. She does so. When it is over, however, they are all about to depart the scene when a second woman suddenly announces that SHE is the wife of Chief Isojalka and that SHE must now sacrifice herself. She does so and seems to have a good time of it. No sooner has she gone under than it happens AGAIN!. And, yes, this scene will probably have a sequel.

The Lost Pet, Starring Taylor 208

Justice Can Be Quick - Sisters, Starring Holly & Sassy Sami 203

Brittany's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Brittany 199

Brittany plays herself as a model who has come to Studio 588 for a night time glamour photo shoot on the quicksand theme.


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