Tales of Quicksand

Volume 19

Six more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Julie's Photo Shoot, Starring Julie Simone 198

Julie Simone has come to Studio 588 for a photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Why Cave People Stopped Sleeping in Trees and Moved into Caves, Starring Stefani Jaymes 211

Cavegirl Stefani tries to take a nap on a horizontal branch of a giant tree, but falls off. Unfortunately, right under the tree is quicksand.

Lifestyle Deathstyle, Starring Brittani  214

Brittani finally takes action against that no good for nothing Fred, and then tries to dispose of the body in the quicksand not far behind the trailer.

Lucid Dream #1_Sara, Starring Sara James 213

Sara starts having wardrobe malfunctions while driving along a country road. Eventually she figures out she is dreaming and makes the best of it.

Natalie's First Time, Starring Natalie Minx 210

Natalie Minx's first time in deep mud. This scene consists mainly of a lesson in how to do a quicksand scene but also includes several "in character" segments.

Prison with No Walls, Starring Hannah 212

Hannah has been condemned to death for horrible crimes. She is confused, therefore, when she is simply left in the forest, tied to a tree with a STRING. She is told she can wander off "whenever she is ready." She wanders off right away, not at all understanding of what the guards meant by "when she is ready."

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