Tales of Quicksand

Volume 20

Six more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

.The Birdwatcher, Starring Julie Simone 217

Julie is so intent on watching birds she isn't watching where she is going.

Dr Boggs, DMD_Hannah, Starring Hannah  218

Hannah goes to an oral surgeon for a dental problem and decline a medicine that is supposed to prevent strange dreams while under anesthesia.

Extract of Frog Lips, Starring Samantha Grace 215

Samantha is a naughty, and completely crazy, nurse mixing up a batch of extract of frog lips. Then she accidentally injects herself with some of this very hallucinogenic substance. In seconds she starts acting like a , well,.... like a frog.

The Hidden Jungle, Starring Brinke Stevens 216

Tarzan is away and a container of medicine just HAS to be delivered to fight off an illness affecting the local tribes. Unfortunately, Brinke cannot swing from the treetops to cross the swamps in the way.

Lucid Dream #1_Natalie, Starring Natalie Minx 220

Natalie starts having wardrobe malfunctions while driving on a country road. She is quite baffled until she realizes its all a dream. Then she takes maximum advantage.


Nyssa's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Nyssa Nevers 191

Nyssa Nevers goes to Studio 588 for a photo shoot on the quicksand theme.



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