Tales of Quicksand

Volume 21

Six more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

.The Cult of Fear, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams  222

Brinke runs a cult where she teaches her followers to seek out whatever they are most afraid of, telling them that the fear is a force field keeping them from a better place. She takes follower Rachelle to the swamp and causes her to fall into quicksand. Things start to go wrong, however, as Rachelle is able to get out on her own.

Stefani's Daytime Photo Shoot, Starring Stefani Jaymes 195

Stefani goes to Studio 588 for a photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Mud Therapy Clinic, Starring Stormy Night 230

Stormy goes to a quack psychologist who promises to cure her little problem with nymphomania.

Natalie's Sink Tease, Starring Natalie Minx 223

Natalie Minx's version of the Sink Tease.

A Trap for Zorro, Starring Hannah 221

Our first scene done almostr exclusively in Spanish. Hannah (Zorro's girlfriend) has been kidnapped as bait for Zorro.

Martha, Starring Nyssa Nevers 231

Nyssa plays an orderly from a mental hospital searching for Martha. It seems this is the fourth time this month that Martha has run off and each time she heads straight for the quicksand.


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