Tales of Quicksand

 Volume 25

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Muddy Justice_Kindle and Fred, Starring Kindle and Fred588  271

This scene starts out as a domestic dispute between Kindle and the utterly useless, boorish, and sodden Fred. Eventually Kindle does away with Fred using the gun hidden in the microwave and then tries to dispose of the body in the quicksand out behind the trailer. She manages to sink the body alright but then stays around a bit too long. She is suddenly grabbed by Fred's hand rising up from the mire and is pulled in to her fate.

Stoners, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   259

Brinke and Rachelle have been doing a great deal of weed but have run out. They decide to raid the neighbor's crop that they are convinced is out there, even though neither has any idea what it even looks like outside of a baggie. They see what they think must be a pot plant near the edge of a peat bog and in they go to try to get it. In truth the plant is a weed and not a weed plant.

Turn Out the Lights, Starring Candle Boxxx and Natalie Minx   257

Candle and Natalie enjoy a very sexy night time mud wallow complete with dramatic lighting and fog. Toward the end the lighting gets even more dramatic and the lights are turned out one by one while the camera rolls.

Hannah's Sink Tease, Starring Hannah Perez   256

Hannah does her interpretation of the Sink/Strip Tease in the clay pit.

Pirateland Execution_Dixie, Starring Dixie Comet   255

Dixie has been warned about the pirates in Pirateland, a section of Psychic World's Jungleland theme park, and how they will throw any outsider they catch into quicksand, but she goes into Pirateland anyway. Needless to say she is promptly caught and taken to the quicksand. Oddly she seems not to mind all that much.

Dr Boggs, DMD_Brittani   253

Brittani goes to DrBoggs for a root canal and declines the medicine used to suppress odd dreams that can be caused by the anesthetic.


Drunk_Manchester, Starring Manchester  264

Manchester does her interpretation of what happens when a very beautiful and VERY drunk young woman tries to walk home from a country bar.

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