Tales of Quicksand

Volume 27

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Dee's Photo Shoot, Starring Dark Dementia   272

Dark Dementia goes to Studio 588 for a glamour photo shoot in the cork pit.

The entire set of still images taken during this scene has, apparently, been lost. If it turns up some samples will be displayed here.

Lucid Dream #1_Hannah, Starring Hannah Perez  270

Hannah experiences some serious wardrobe malfunctions while driving on an unknown country road. She eventually realizes she is dreaming and tkes full advantage to play in quicksand.

CSI-Arkansas, Starring Stefani Jaymes  267

Stefani is a CSI investigator searching for a kidnap victim who may be in a swamp according to evidence collected from the suspect. Unfortunately for Stefani there is a peat bog in the swamp.

Savannah's Sink Tease, Starring Savannah Costello   265

Savannah does her interpretation of the Sink/Strip Tease.

Das Boots_Brittani, Starring Brittani   261

Brittani is hiking and encounters a pair of designer boots stuck in a peat bog. At least that's what they appear to be. She tries to pull the boots out so she can have them for herself but ends up in the bog.

Drunk_Candle, Starring Candle Boxxx  252

Candle has become extremely drunk and tries to go home across the swamp on foot. Unfortunately there is deep mud in the way.


Cranberries, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   263

Rachelle is a Pilgrim trying to harvest some cranberries for food. Cranberries, of course, grow in bog and these cranberries grow in a deep bog. Brinke plays a rather wiser Native American woman who helps out, though not before getting in pretty deep herself.

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