Tales of Quicksand

Volume 28

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Fetish Model Rope Trick, Starring Nyssa Nevers and Stormy Night   281

Nyssa and Stormy are sharing a room at a fetish convention when Nyssa asks Stormy to help her rehearse a presentation.Unknown to Stormy, however, its really a plot to get rid of Stormy. Stormy allows herself to be tied up in an area behind the Convention Center, not knowing she is going to be pushed into quicksand. However, in attempting to push in Stormy, Nyssa falls in instead, and Stormy is tied up and can't help much.

Pirateland Execution_Candle, Starring Candle Boxxx  280

Candle goes to the Pirateland section of Psychic World's Jungleland and is captured by the pirates. Initially, at least, she is quite delighted by the idea of getting tied up and pushed into the mud.

Erotic Sink_Tabitha and Mandy, Starring Tabitha Chase and Mandy 277

Tabitha and Mandy meet at a deep clay pit for an evening of muddy fun, complete with erotic lighting and fog.

Boot Shoot, Starring Natalie Minx  266

Natalie is a model doing a photo shoot featuring several pairs of boots when photographer Fred gets an emergency call about a water leak. He leaves her in the garden with strict instructions to not wander off. Needless to say, she wanders off and soon discovers why that was not a good idea.

The Televangelist, Starring Stefani Jaymes  269

Stefani is a money-grubbing televangelist, practicing her next sermon in between chewing out various employees. After rehearsing the line, "If I'm not speaking the absolute truth may I be pulled down into the grave still alive," she almost instantly gets what she deserves.

Brinke's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Brinke Stevens  273

Brinke goes to Studio 588 for a night time photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Katie's Sink Tease, Starring Katie   276

Katie's version of the Sink/Strip tease.


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