Tales of Quicksand

Volume 29

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Lucid Dream #1_Katie, Starring Katie  

Katie starts having serious wardrobe malfunctions while driving along an unknown dirt road. Though confused at first she eventually realizes she is dreaming. After that, she takes full advantage and heads right for where she just knows she will find a pit of quicksand.

Voyeurcam Wallow_Hannah and Jordana, Starring Hannah Perez and Jordana Leigh  293

Hannah and Jordana meet at a deep mud pit for an evening of very sexy fun. In this scene, the main camera is set further back from the action than usual to give a voyeur feel to the scene. The scene also makes use of very dramatic lighting and fog.

Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Mire, Starring Kindle   288

Kindle is at a party with her boyfriend when, how can we say it, her other boyfriend shows up. She ducks into the yard to hide until one of them leaves, but then it gets dark and she can't find her way back. She does find the quicksand, however.

The Cult of Bastet, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   285

Rachelle is to be initiated into the Cult of Bastet by cult leader Brinke, but is rather skeptical of the idea of a "symbolic" death and rebirth. Rachelle goes into the pit but manages to turn the tables.

Rhonda Starr's Sink Tease, Starring Rhonda Starr  284

Rhonda's intrpretation of the Sink/Strip tease.

Dixie's Night Photo Shoot, Starring Dixie Comet   282

Dixie comes to Studio 588 for a night photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Most Perfect Model Ever, Starring Stefani Jaymes   268

Stefani and photographer Fred are in the deep jungle for a photo shoot. She asks Fred about whether there might be snakes or spiders in the jungle and is, well, kind of disappointed to hear how rare they are. When theycome upon a peat bog Fred is very cautious and urges her to stay well clear of it, but Stefani is intrigued and goes right in. And, being, from our point of view the most perfect model ever, she stays in that mode all the way under.

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