Tales of Quicksand

Volume 30

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Embedded Reporters

Natalie and Samantha are reporters embedded with some sort of military program in a small, tropical, jungle-type country. They are investigating some bad stuff, following directions given to them by someone unreliable.Soon they both fall into a pit of quicksand. True to their training as reporters they keep the camera running as they sink deeper and deeper, eventually going under. The camera opoerated by Natalie as she sank (completely under) was actually operating and the scene includes several clips from that camera.


Dee's  Night Photo Shoot, Starring Dark Dementia  289

Dark Dementia goes to Studio 588 for a night time photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Drunk_NormaGee, Starring NormaGee  243

This is what happens when young women try to walk home across the jungle after getting way too drunk to drive.

Its Not Nice to Rob Little Old Men, Starring Stormy Night  249

Stormy hold up a 104 year old man of everything he has, amounting to a dollar twenty five. He warns her what she is doing is not nice and that bad things will happen to her. They do.

Dr Boggs, DMD_Rachelle, Starring Rachelle Williams   244

Rachelle declines the medicine offered by oral surgeon Dr Boggs even after being warned about possibly having some very unusual dreams without it. What happens is obvious.

The Duck Hunt, Starring Stefani Jaymes and Kaycee Day   292

Kaycee is a duck hunting guide and Stefani is her client, on a hunt. Stefani shoots several times but hits nothing. When Kaycee mentions that there is quicksand in the area Stefani becomes quite interested and when they get to the bog, Stefani goes right in. It turns out that Stef is a professional sinker. She eventually gets Kaycee into the mud as well and both have a pretty good time.

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