Tales of Quicksand

Volume 31

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Real Estate Disaster, starring Stefani Jaymes and Kindle  279

Real estate agent Stefani is checking out a property with development potential unaware there is a danger from quicksand. Assistant Kindle rushes from the office to try to warn Stef but arrives too late. She manages to fall in herself after discovering what happened to Stef.

Candle's interpretation of the familiar das boots scene involving a carnivorous bog that uses a plant part resembling a pair of boots to lure in unsuspecting, boot-hungry victims.

Blowgun_Holly, starring Holly   310

Holly's interpretation of the familiar blowgun scene in which she is rendered unconscious by a poisoned blow gun dart and awakens to find herself suspended in a quicksand pit.

Katie's Night Photo Shoot, starring Katie   

Katie plays herself as a model who has come to Studio 588 for a night photo shoot on the quicksand theme.

Club Mud, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   247

Brinke and Rachelle journey to "Club Mud" which they understand features exotic mud baths. The club has since gone out of business but the mud pits are still there.

Banana Pudding with Nuts, starring Stefani Jaymes and Brittany   278

A customer arrives at the Psychicworld Jungle Land Bar and Grill where he orders a bowl of banana pudding with nuts. He gets exactly that, with the nuts being Stefani Jaymes and brittany having a pretty good time in the banana pudding.

Lucid Dream #1_Samantha, starring Samantha Grace   302

Samantha begins having wardrobe malfunctions while driving down a gravel road. She is very confused about what is happening until she realizes it is a dream. Then she makes the most of it. "If this is a dream, then if I go 50 steps that way into the woods I will find quicksand."


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