Tales of Quicksand

Volume 32

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Photo Shoot Caper, starring Natalie Minx and Samantha Grace   306

Natalie and Samantha have a gig as photo shoot models. Or so Natalie thinks. Fred, the photographer excuses himself for a few minutes but does not return. When Natalie is sent by Samantha to find him she does, dead on the ground with two darts in his chest. She runs back in panic, but finds Samantha also dead with a dart in her neck. She now runs away in terror and soon falls into quicksand. Before she goes under she is suddenly confronted by both Samantha and Fred. Apparently they have done this stunt before. Samantha is extremely eager to do it again, in fact, until she finds out she has only three seconds to wait.

 Erotic Sink_Savannah, starring Savannah Costello   309

Savannah enjoys a very erotic sink in the clay pit.

Special Surprise, starring NormaGee   303

NormaGee arrives home to find an invitation, from her boyfriend, and a map stuck on the door. Quickly she changes into a sexy dress and heads out to her surprise. Th map, however, leads to a different sort of surprise than a party.

Initiation #2, starring Nyssa Nevers   304

In order to join an exclusive group, Nyssa is told she has to stay out all night, in a party dress, in the forest. Te bugs drive her nuts until things get worse as she falls into a quicksand pit. Eventually, however, she stops sinking and discovers how to move around. From that point on the mud is very enjoyable.

Das Boots_Torrid, starring Torrid   307

Torrid discovers a pair of boots, or what appears to be a pair of boots, stuck in a peat bog. She tries to rescue them and gets caught in the bog. Unlike our other versions of das boots, however, the "boots" get broken off and the pit immediately releases her. This leads to a surprise ending that shows how this particular carnivorous plant species propagates from bog to bog.

Drunk_Jordana, starring Jordana Leigh   308

Jordana does her interpretation of what happens when a young woman drinks too much (Way too much) and then tries to take a short cut to get home. Might be better to call a taxi.

Cops: 588 at Wilson's Swamp Road, starring Stefani Jaymes   251

Fred is a cameraman from the Cops TV show and Jake is the cop. They get a call to investigate a 588 somewhere off the end of Wilson's Swamp Road. What they find, and spend some time simply watching since no crime is being committed, is a beautiful young woman enjoying an evening wallow in a peat bog.

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