Tales of Quicksand

Volume 46

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Drunk_Angelique, Starring Angelique Kithos   407

Angelique comes out of a country bar after drinking way too much and then tries to walk home.

Pirateland Execution_Manchester, Starring Manchester   412

Manchester seems quite happy to be captured by a pair of crazy pirates who sink all non-pirates in a pit of quicksand.

Weed Eaters, Starring Dixie Comet and Crystal Frost   409

Dixie and Crystal have been doing weed for some time but now have to go looking for more.

Jogging in 1 Million BCE, Starring Savannah Costello   419

Savannah is a cave girl jogger. She even takes her own pulse from time to time. Unfortunately she takes a different path than usual.

Jungle Execution, Starring Stefani Jaymes   424

Stefani finds herself being executed by quicksand after visiting the Psychic World JungleLand Reading Room.

Box of Pandora, Starring Nyssa Nevers   418

Nyssa is a thief who robs a 104 year old man. He warns her to not open the box she takes from him.

Bikini Bog, Starring Natalie Minx and Samantha Grace   422

Natalie and Samantha are scientists who come upon a pit of mud. Curiously, the plants around the pit hold several apparently abandoned bikinis. They eventually discover what must have happened.

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