Tales of Quicksand

Volume 47

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Misfortune Cookies, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   413

A fantastic meal at a Chinese restaurant followed by an evening walk leads to something even better.

Cinderella and the Bog, Starring Stefani Jaymes   411

The story you learned as a kid about a ball and getting home by midnight was really about a bog and getting home by noon.

Lucid Dream #1_Rhonda, Starring Rhonda Starr   408

Rhonda experiences wardrobe malfunctions while driving and eventually figures out she is dreaming.

 Initiation_Rachelle, Starring Rachelle Williams   404

An initiation ritual is frightening at first but turns out rather well.

Pirateland Execution_Brittany, Starring Brittany   402

Brittany is captured by the crqazy pirates in the Pirateland section of Psychic World

Das Boots_Savannah, Starring Savannah Costello   397

Savannah discovers a nice pair of boots stuck in a bog.

Voyeurcan_Kerri and Violetta, Starring Kerri Taylor and Violetta   396

Kerri and Violetta get together for some muddy fun on a dark night.

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