Tales of Quicksand

Volume 48

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

No One Goes Out on Rainy Days, Starring Stefani Jaymes   410

Stefani takes advantage of a rainy, thudery day to visit her favorite peat bog.

Vampires, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   414

Two vampires, one a veteran and one a beginner, check out a mud pit.

Duet Night Photo Shoot_Angelique and Chrissy, Starring Angelique Kithos and Chrissy Daniels   415a and 415b

A photo shoot featuring two models, in the peat pit, at night. What else do you want?

Kerri's Sink Tease, Starring Kerri Taylor   405

Kerri does her interpretation of the sinking strip tease.

The First Quicksander, Starring Stefani Jaymes   400

Stefani pays a cave girl with a thing for deep mud.

Drunk_Natalie, Starring Natalie Minx   399

Natalie has had much too much to drink.

Sunbathing Fun, Starring Stefani Jaymes and Samantha Grace   392

One of the hottest scenes we have ever filmed.. Stefani sunbathes and suddenly finds herself lying in a pit of mud. Then she is visited, in her dream, by Samantha.

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