Tales of Quicksand

Volume 49

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Das Boots_Nyssa,Starring Nyssa Nevers   428

Nyssa is a hiker who discovers what appear to be a nice pair of boots stuck in a peat bog. Finders keepers.

French Maid Scene, Starring Katie   429

Katie arrives at a home as a French Maid to do some housework, and probably some extracurricular work as well, but then the homeowner is called away. He asks here to just clean up a few things, but 'whatever you do don't go out into the back yard.' Needless to say that's where she goes right away.

Lucid Dream #11, Starring Stefani Jaymes   421

Stefani turns on the light to find the huse full of fog. Eventually she realizes it is a dream and takes full advantage.

I Dream of Mudpit, Starring Hannah Perez and Jordana Leigh   406

Hannah finds an old lamp, polishes it, and immediately becomes the master of a genie, played by Jordana. And she has three wishes.

Derby Girls, Starring Stefani Jaymes and Julie(2)   427

Stefani and Julie are on their way to a roller derby contest. When they get lost they figure the rest of the team is playing some kind of prank.

Initiation, Starring Nyssa Nevers   430

Nyssa must stay out in the woods all night to qualify to join a sorority. The bugs drive her silly until she falls into a mud pit.

First Time in Clay, Starring Torrid   401

Torrid's introduction to wet clay and how to do a quicksand scene in clay.

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