Tales of Quicksand

Volume 50

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Adventures of the Scarlett Streak, Starring Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   434

The Scarlett Streak (Brinke) discovers a citizen (Rachelle) in quicksand and rushes to the rescue. However, Citizen Rachelle does not actually need any assistance. The Scarlett Streak learns something new.

CSI Death Vial, Starring Hannah Perez and Angelique Kithos   435

CSI investigators Hannah and Angelique are sent to Wilson's Swamp to try to recover a vial containing an infectious agent deadly enough to wipe out half the state if broken. It is supposed to be hidden in a pit of grey mud. Once they find the mud their only option is to go in and fine the vial.

Derrick and Jill, Starring Stefani Jaymes   431

Jill plays a game of dare, entering a pit of quicksand and wading out to Derrick. Derrick is tall enough to touch the bottom, but she is not, and the game is that he will not give any assistance until she gives the sign. She gives the sign but not before she is completely under.

KayCee's Sink Tease, Staring KayCee Day   426

KayCee does her interpretation of the Sinking Strip Tease.

Dr Casa, Starring Rachelle Williams   420

Rachelle is sent by Dr Casa to take samples from several mud pits. It seems a quicksander patient has an unusual infection the doctor thinks he may have picked up in a mudpit.

Psychic World Reading Room_HollyR, Starring HollyR   432

Holly, a visitor to PsychicWorldJungleLand, arrives at the reading room and decides to read a story. She soon finds herself IN the story.

Natural Trial_Natalie, Starring Natalie Minx   433

Accused of withcraft, the only way Natalie's guilt or innocense can be estanlished is through a trial by nature. In this case she must stand on a platform in a pit of quicksand for one hour. In the end she is found guilty and is rather pleased about it.

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