Tales of Quicksand

Volume 10

Six more tales of mud and quicksand.

Jungle Fever (Starring Nyssa Nevers 128

Nyssa is very ill with a fever. In her delerium she finds herself lost in an eerie jungle, fighting for her life, encountering an electrical spider web, bees, ants, arrows, and, of course, quicksand.

Lucid Dream #1 - NormaGee (Starring NormaGee) 130

NormaGee is perplexed by a series of wardrobe malfunctions whilke driving on an unknown road. Eventually is occurs to her it is a dream.After than she seeks out, and finds, a pit of quicksand.

Business Nightmare (Starring Brinke Stevens) 131

Brinke is up late preparing for a business meeting. Finally she falls asleep.

Drunk - Brittany (Starring Brittany) 132

Brittany staggers out of a bar and into the surrounding forest and eventually quicksand. Do not drink and wander around in swampy jungles.

Stefani the Fearless (Starring Stefani Jaymes) 134

Stefani has entered Psychic World Jungle Land for an adventure and is soon captured by pirates. They want to sink her in quicksand but she suggests a game of hide and seek instead (" I hide,.... you seek"). This is one, HOT scene.

Quicksand at Owl Creek (Starring Stormy Night) 133

As this scene opens, Stormy is about to be executed by being dropped into a peat bog. Then she is dropped but manages to struggle free.... sorta.

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