Tales of Quicksand

Volume 11

Another six scenes of quicksand adventure.

Rachelle's Night Photo Shoot (Starring Rachelle Williams) 135

Rachelle does a glamou\rous, night time, quicksand photo shoot at Studio 588.

Lucid Dream #1 - Mandy (Starring Mandy) 137

Mandy experiences wardrobe malfunctions while driving. Eventually it occurs to her she is dreaming. Then she takes full advantage.

Blowgun - Samantha (Starring Samantha Grace) 138

Samantha is struck by a poisoned blowgun dart while exploring the jungle. When she partially wakes up she is suspended by her wrists in a quicksand pit.

Prison Escape: Looking for Wendy (Starring Rachelle Williams) 139

In the very dark and dramatic scene, Rachelle plays an escapee from a horrible prison, wandering in the jungle and seeking her one friend, Wendy.

Happy Accident (Starring NormaGee) 140

NormaGee is a hiker who blunders into quicksand. After being terrified at first, however, she eventually discovers its not nearly so bad.

Sunk by her Own Petard (Starring Stormy Night and NormaGee) 141

Stormy sets a trap to get rid of a rival. She succeeds but then falls into her own trap.

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