Tales of Quicksand

Volume 12

Cheerleader Prank (Starring Stefani Jaymes) 142

Stefani is a professional football cheerleading candidate for the "Sinkers". To get some of her rivals disqualified, she steals their bras and hides them in some bushes in the forest. However, she has to hurry to get back to camp before she is missed, and she ends up in quicksand.


Lucid Dream #10 (Starring Brinke Stevens) 143

The doorbell rings. When it is opened, you (the viewer) is greeted by a lightly dressed woman who immediately informs you that you are dreaming. She is part of the dream and knows what you want, which is to sink with her in a bog.

SuperDiana (Starring Stormy Night) 144

SuperDiana is rendered unconscious by an unknown assailant. When she wakes up she is in quicksand.

Who's Collecting Who (Starring Nyssa Nevers) 145

Nyssa, on her way to a Halloween party dressed as a schoolgirl, stops at a local swamp to collect some frogs. She, and Fred, are planning to dump the frogs into a rival's shirt at the party. She has an encounter and struggle with the very deep peat in the swamp. She almost escapes when she meets her demise by means of an extremely large frog who does not take kindly to her collecting.

Blowgun Savannah (Starring Savannah Model) 146

Cavegirl Savannah gets hit by a poisoned blowgun dart while hunting. When she wakes up, partially, she is suspended over, and in, a pit of quicksand.

Party Disaster (Starring NormaGee) 147

NormaGee is at a party with one boyfriend when the other one shows up. She hides in the back yard to avoid a confrontation but it gets dark and then she can't find her way back.



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