Tales of Quicksand

Volume 13

Cheerleader-Schoolgirl Chase (Starring Samantha Grace and Natalie Minx) 148

Samantha and Natalie are dressed as cheerleader and schoolgirl for a 10 year reunion. They never liked each other much. Natalie has handcuffed Samantha and led her to a bog a mile or so behind her house.

Blowgun Stefani (Starring Stefani Jaymes) 149

Stefani is rendered unconscious by a blowgun dart. When the awakes, still groggy from its effects, she is suspended at th end of a vine, by her wrists, in a pit of quickclay. And the vine is gradually stretching, lowering her deeper and deeper.

Even Superheros Have Fantasies 150

Superhero Stormy Night returns home one morning after a hard night of fighting crime. She goes to bed. In her dream (or is it a dream) she experiences her fantasy of not being victorious in one of her epic battles.

Lucid Dream #2 (Starring NormaGee) 151

NormaGee receives a phone call from her husband. He, however, has been deceased for five years. He informs her she is dreaming and she should do whatever she has a desire to do, which is to sink in the quicksand pit in the jungle behind the house.

Holly's Night Photo Shoot 152

Holly does a quicksand-themed night time photo shoot at Studio 588.

The Sinking News with Debbie Smith 154

Rachelle Williams does the Sinking News. That is, she does the news while sinking. Or, she sinks while doing the news. Its something like that.

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