Tales of Quicksand

Volume 36

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Tabitha's First Time, Tabitha Chase  305

Tabitha's introduction to deep mud and quicksand scenes.

Execution by Quicksand, Stefani, Stefani Jaymes   324

Stefani faces execution by quicksand.

Prison Escape, Brittany, Brittany   326

Brittany has escaped from a prison, but not from the swamp.

The Date, Stefani Jaymes   330

Having arranged a date through a dating service, Stefani suggests skipping the dinner and movie and going straight to a motel. Her date politely declines, thinking that is not such a good idea for a first date. She then demands to be let out of the car and storms off, ripping her drress half off in the process, to walk home. The quicksand intervenes, however, and turns out to be much better than the motel.

Erotic Sink, Nyssa, Nyssa Nevers   332

Nyssa has an erotic wallow in a clay pit and night.

Blowgun Rachelle, Rachelle Williams   333

Rachelle is rendered unconscious by apoisoned blowgun dart and finds herself suspended by a vine in a pit of quickclay.

Candles and Wine, Stormy Night   334

Stormy is serving dinner to a boyfriend when the power is knocked out by a thunderstorm, so they finish by candlelight. The boyfriend suggests adjournment to the bedroom but she decides that the candle light and wine are too much for sensible judgement and declines. She then has a rather erotic dream.

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