Tales of Quicksand

Volume 41

Seven more scenes involving quicksand encounters.

Addams' Anniversary, Stefani Jaymes  368

Its the 150th for Morticia and Gomez, but how to celebrate. Whips? Naw, that's getting old. The quicksand? That's French.

Bachelorette Survival, Brinke Stevens and Rachelle Williams   366

Brinke and Rachelle are contestants in a game of Bachelorette Survivor. Anyone who finds the "idol" has immunity  from elimination. The idol, however, is on the far side of a pit of quicksand.

Lucid Dream #1_Nyssa, Nyssa Nevers   362

Nyssa has a series of wardrobe malfunctions that are very confusing until she realizes it is a dream. Then she decides to take full advantage by seeking, and finding, quicksand.


The Wilson's Swamp Incident, Stefani Jaymes and Savannah Costello   363

Officer Savannah gets a call to investigate a report of a man stuck in some mud down at Wilson's Swamp. The man turns out to be a woman dressed in a rain jacket over nothing.

Sink Tease_Brittany, Brittany   365

Brittany does her interpretation of the sink tease.

Oldman Jacobs' Map, NormaGee  367

Oldman Jacobs has been beaten by NormaGee and she stole his map. The police officer, also played by NormaGee, can't get him to say where the map leads. "It won't be necessary."

Porn Loop, Rachelle Williams   369

Rachelle is a struggling actress whose agent has booked her what appears to be a porn shoot. No one is around however and she falls into a pit of quicksand. She then invents a plot for a movie about a model reporting for a shoot and falling into a pit of quicksand.

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