How to get Involved

Clearly the most direct way to get involved with video production in this genre is to volunteer to work a few days as a member of a video crew. Its a relatively inexpensive vacation. you have to get to the Studio but, once there, the food and lodging are provide. And its good food also, although you may be asked to help with the dishes.
Getting time off for a stint making video, however, is not practical for many, probably most, people. There are other, less expensive and probably much easier ways to be involved, however. Here are some:

1. Submit scene ideas. As a general rule we have to stick to scenes with nbo more than two actresses, perhaps with the addition of one role for an off-camera voice (male or female) or a minor role for a male.

2. Donate items for use as wardrobe or props. The most useful wardrobe items are genre, period, or character costumes. Items with large amounts of layered material are not so useful as they are very difficult to clean up.

3. Make and donate set decorations. We  use, for example, a wide variety of real, commercially made faux plants, and home made faux plants.

4. If you cannot come in season to work as a crew member, perhaps you can come in the off season. There are always projects that require a second person, or perhaps you can do some outside wiring or plumbing.

5. Purchase a scene from time to time - this provides the funds we use to pay the actresses, not to mention feed them.



In addition, if a sponsorship is ordered BEFORE a scene is edited and released, the sponsor may elect to be recognized as such in the scene credits.