How to Order

To place an order you need to specify what you want to order and how you want it delivered, and you need to make the needed payment. Do the following:

1. Make a list of what you want to order and the relevent prices. The clearest way to do this is to make a list showing the product numbers, the product titles, and the product prices.

2. Compute the total of the above.

3. If the total equals or exceeds $100.00, you may add one exit and cleanup scene at no charge for each multiple of $100.00.

4. Add the shipping charge if you want delivery by mail.

5. Increase the amount due to $8.00 if the total is less than that amount.

6. Send the details of your order, along with details of how you want it delivered, in an email message to and make the payment. If you make the payment electronically, include something in the memo field that can be used to match the payment with the email message containing your order.

 Please take note of the minimum order size of $8.00.