Methods of Payment


On Line

Electronic Gift Card

E cards, through Amazon, Walmart, or Lowe's can be accepted, provided they are denominated in US dollars. To use this method, find the store web site and then go to their link for sending an e-card. You will enter the exact amount, the recipient (which is for any of these), and the email address to which the download links should be sent. In the memo field, simply put in something that can be used to match the e-card with an email you send directly from your regular email system. Then send an email through your refgular email system in which you specify what items you want. Send that message to You can generally use a credit card to pay for the e-card.

Chase Quick Pay

If you have a checking account on any bank within the USA you can use Chase bank,s QuickPay system to send payment. Direct the payment to and then send a separate email to the same in which you provide details of what you want and the email address to which download links should be sent.


The PopMoney system is a service offered through many banks. Use it in exactly the same manner as described above for Quick Pay.

Electronic Money Order

Electronic money orders can be used to send funds from anywhere using Western Union or MoneyGram, although there is a fee charged by them. Please contact for details of what you will need to do to use this method.


By Mail


Checks should be made payable to Studio 588 and must be denominated in US dollars. Mail to: Studio 588, Box 251, Leslie, AR 72645

Most Money Orders


Most kinds of printed money orders can be used but please inquire first if using something unusual. Mail to Studio 588, Box 251, Leslie, AR 72645.