Unedited Scene Footage

Scene Sponsorships

While most customers will prefer to receive fully edited scenes, it is also possible to obtain copies of unedited footage, almost as it comes from the cameras, by becoming a scene sponsor.

A sponsorship for any scene is priced at $75.00. For that amount, the sponsor will receive, by download, all of the following:

1. Copies of the footage from each camera. These will be rendered at the same resolution and bitrate as the edited scenes. Each will include a brief title sequence but the only footage removed will be "dead" footage. Dead footage may refer to such things as footage when the camera is inadvertently left on for extended periods when nothing is happening, footage from other scenes that is filmed in overlapping sequence with the desired scene, and the like. Footage created during such times as when the director is giving guidance will be left in.

2. A copy of the edited scene, when it is released.

3. Copies of all related stills made during filming, if any, from all cameras. It is possible that no stills are made but this is rare.

4. A copy of the scene teaser, when the scene is released.


In addition, if a sponsorship is ordered BEFORE a scene is edited and released, the sponsor may elect to be recognized as such in the scene credits.