This space may be used from time to time for news related to Studio 588.

May 2019 - As "news" this should have been posted back in September of last year, but as a site for filming by others, and as a quicksand production studio, Studio 588 is now open all year. Although the outdoor pits are not available for use between September and May all the other facilities, both indoor and out, and including several new sets, can be rented at any time at the off-season rate. There is also an indoor pit and surrounding set that operates all year. This is not available to other producers but it is used for several purposes by Studio 588. Individuals can arrange for private, still-photo shoots at any time.

February 2015 - February of 2015 marks the launch of a completely revised Studio 588 website, which you are looking at right now. This update has been needed for some time and here it is.

January 21, 2015 - Mid January marks the completion of a major construction project at Studio 588. This consists of two significant additions to the main house, adding 1188 square feet of modern living space plus another 288 square feet of greenhouse space.